Developing the 2021-2029 Housing Element

(View the Executive Summary to learn more about the adoption process of the Housing Element.)

The development of the 2021-2029 Housing Element was a multi-year process beginning in 2018 with the Housing Strategy and Development Plan which informed the Housing Element itself and many of its policies and programs. Placer County utilized public input from two focus groups, a community forum, and  meetings with 11 of the 13 Municipal Advisory Committees (MACs)  to develop the 2018 Housing Strategy and Development Plan. 

From 2018 to 2020, Placer County also conducted five housing FlashVote surveys (view results of the surveys) which received great response from over 10,000 participants. Respondents shared their ideas on second home rental programs and their perspectives on housing choices, housing costs and needs, accessory dwelling units, and county housing policies and impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. The surveys helped to inform the County about public concerns, opinions, and ideas relating to housing and areas of focus for the Housing Element

In 2020, two public workshops, two stakeholder meetings, and four public hearings were held through the adoption process of the Housing Element.  Approximately 250 residents participated in these opportunities to provide public input. Workshop participants and survey respondents expressed a desire to prioritize the needs of and provide housing for special‐needs and homeless residents as well as lower‐income households and those who work in the County. Respondents were open to a variety of types of housing but were also cautious about health and safety implications in light of the pandemic and wildfires. Their feedback was greatly appreciated in making this Housing Element reflect the needs and desires of County residents. 

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Adoption Meeting Resources

May 11, 2021: Board of Supervisors Adoption Hearing

April 8, 2021: Planning Commission Adoption Hearing

Dec 15, 2020: Board of Supervisors Workshop

Nov 12, 2020: Planning Commission Workshop 

Nov 5, 2020: Virtual Community Workshop #2

July 8, 2020: Virtual Community Workshop #1