Placer County Museums Division acquires historic schoolhouse in Lincoln

Published on June 3, 2021


The school year may be coming to a close for the summer, but school is definitely in session for the Placer County Museums Division as it welcomes the historic Fruitvale School in Lincoln to its ranks.

The new addition to the Museums Division was made possible when the Placer County Board of Supervisor unanimously approved the purchase and sale agreement to buy the property at their meeting on May 25.

“Our vision of this remarkable site is to make the history of the school come alive with fresh exhibits and an immersive living history program that targets third-grade curriculum standards,” said Placer County Museums Division Administrator Ralph Gibson. “We also endeavor to embrace this site’s use as a community center and rental hall. We are excited to welcome the Fruitvale School as our eighth addition to the Placer County Museum Divison’s family.”

The Fruitvale School, which was the eleventh of 13 one-room schoolhouses built in western Placer County was operational until 1946. Since that time, it has operated as a community hall, museum and Living History site.

The Fruitvale Association, the previous owners, grew fearful that the schoolhouse would decay without proper management of the site and reached out to Placer County to request a possible transfer of the property to the county for operation by the Museum Division as a museum and Living History site.

The Museums Division intends to interpret the history of the Fruitvale School from 1888-1946, provide an immersive Living History educational experience targeted to third-grade students, establish a rental site for group meetings and events as well as provide a community hall for residents.

The Museums Division is in the process of soliciting funds for necessary repairs and to address safety issues, but they have received donations from the Placer County Historical Society ($5,000) and the Fruitvale Hall Corporation ($3,500) that will cover exhibits, living history materials and a new brochure. 

The Museums Division anticipates having the museum and rental hall open in late fall. A living history program will be operational at the schoolhouse in spring 2022.

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