Placer Re-Entry Program (PREP)


The Placer Re-Entry Program is based on best practice research advocating for individualized service planning according to a client’s unique reentry needs. A combination of assessments, face-to-face counseling and information obtained from the referral source ensures programming is truly individualized. Providing both in custody and out of custody services and structured around three phases, PREP provides clients with general instruction as well as targeted Individualized Service Plans which evolve with the client's progress and needs.


The PREP Center provides both in custody and out of custody programs tailored to the specific needs of the individual client. All clients receive risk, needs, educational and employment assessments leading to the development of an Individualized Service Planning (ISP). Each client is assigned a dedicated case manager who works with the client to develop solutions and assist with re-entry into the community.

 PREP Program Menu: 

  • Life Skills: Courage to Change, Parenting Classes, Money Management, Anger Management, Personal Life Plan
  • Education: High School Diploma/Equivalency, Computer Education, Community Colleges, Vocational Programs, Individualized Tutoring, Basic Literacy
  • Employment: Golden Sierra, Job Development/Job Search, NCCT, Caltrans, Advanced Job Readiness
  • Substance Abuse Programming: Helping Men/Women Recover, Cognitive Behavioral Intervention, Relapse Prevention, Sober Living Referral and Funding, On-Site Substance Abuse Testing, Referral to Individual Counseling
  • Other Programs: 52-Week BTP, 12-Step Support Meetings, Child Support Workshops, Benefit Screening, Theft Education, PC 1000

The Placer Re-Entry Program has contributed to the success of many clients through individualized service plans and continuous support and accountability.