Pre-Trial Manager David Keenan

David KeenanProbation Manager David Keenan has been with the department for 16 years. His first job for the department was an intake officer at the Juvenile Detention Facility. He has since worked in Adult Field Unit, Court Unit, Alternative Sentencing Unit, Roseville Homeless supervision caseload, and is now a Manager of our Alternative Sentencing and Pretrial units. Additionally, he is a firearms instructor and a weaponless defense instructor for our department.


The mission of the Pre-Trial Division is to provide jail release recommendations to the Courts based on a validated pretrial risk assessment. Additionally, Probation supervises pending pretrial cases as assigned by the Court.


The goal of Pretrial Services is to allow defendants to maintain employment and family ties, while awaiting trial, which creates a balance of public safety and a defendant’s constitutional rights. This is accomplished by utilizing a validated pretrial risk assessment tool and corresponding supervision strategies, which may include additional supervision tools, such as GPS monitoring and alcohol monitoring.Pre-Trail

SB36 and AB3364:

In compliance with Senate Bill 36 and Assembly Bill 3364, regarding pretrial risk assessment tools, Placer County Probation, being the “local public agency” that performs pretrial assessments on individuals and provides the assessment information to a court, uses the Virginia Pretrial Assessment Tool.  The validation study of the Virginia Pretrial Assessment was completed in December of 2022 and is available here for review: VPRAI-R Validation Report.

The Final report for the Creation and Validation of the Virginia Pretrial Assessment currently used can be found at:

The Final report for the Creation and Validation of the revised Virginia Pretrial Assessment can be found at:

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