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Medi-Cal beneficiaries have certain rights that are protected by state and federal laws and statutes. Placer County policies follow these laws and statutes, and the service providers and support staff are responsible for understanding these rights and protecting them according to the laws, statutes, policies, and procedures. The Patients’ Rights Advocate represents the expressed wish of mental health clients in Placer County. The Patients’ Rights Advocate:

  • Investigates and resolves complaints made by any recipient of mental health services regarding violations or abuse of patients’ rights
  • Acts as an advocate for those unable or afraid to register a complaint
  • Monitors facilities for compliance with patients’ rights laws, regulations, and policies
  • Assists staff in ensuring that all clients are notified of their rights
  • Acts as liaison between the advocacy program and the State Office of Patients’ Rights
  • Represents clients at inpatient certification review and medication hearings


An appeal can be filed by a Medi-Cal beneficiary only. A Medi-Cal beneficiary may ask for an appeal if the County Mental Health Plan (MHP) sent the beneficiary a Notice of Adverse Benefit Determination (NABD) and the beneficiary disagrees with the decision or if the County MHP failed to act within the required timeframes. An appeal must be filed within 60 calendar days after the date on the NOABD letter.

A grievance is any expression of dissatisfaction made by a Medi-Cal beneficiary other than an appeal. There is no time limit to file a grievance and the beneficiary will receive a written decision within 90 calendar days.

Appeals and grievances may be filed in writing or verbally. The Patients’ Rights Advocate or a Quality Management representative will resolve mental health and substance use services issues.  

If you want to file a grievance electronically, click on a link below. To speak with the Patients’ Rights Advocate you may call (916) 787-8979.

  1. Lisa Long

    Patients' Rights Advocate

  2. Kelly Couture, LMFT

    Program Supervisor, Quality Assurance Behavioral Health

    Substance Use Grievance & Appeals