Animal Services

Missing/Lost Pet

  • Check the Lost Pets page on the Placer County Animal Services at ‐ website updates hourly. Tips for finding lost pets are available on this page as well.
  • Use,,, to post missing pet information and view found pets postings
  • Contact PCAS Dispatch at 530‐886‐5500 to connect with an Animal Control Officer to discuss if we can assist with setting traps, feeding, extra patrol, etc.
  • Cats – Check out FieldHaven’s FHAST Program for additional resources and assistance for locating cats ‐
  • Use the Fire Cat Recovery Tips Sheet for recommendations on how to lure pets back to property. These tips can also help dog owners as well.

Found Pet (If You Have Taken in a Stray Pet During the Fire)

  • Bring to Placer County Animal Services at 11232 B Avenue or local veterinarian to scan for a microchip
  • Use,,, to post found pet information and view lost pets postings
  • Contact PCAS at 530‐866‐5540 or [email protected] with questions or if you are unable to locate the owner and cannot continue to keep the pet

Deceased Pet

  • Contact Field Services Dispatch at 530‐866‐5500 to make arrangements

Wildlife Resources