State and Federal Assistance

FEMA Advisory

FEMA encourages survivors to watch for and report any suspicious activity. Survivors should be aware that con artists and criminals may try to obtain money or steal personal information through fraud, scams and identity theft. Please view the document linked below for more information.  

FEMA Advisory: Potential Fraud and Scams

FEMA’s individual assistance program provides grants and other support programs to help eligible survivors that may include rent, home repair, home replacement, and other disaster-related needs such as childcare, medical, and dental expenses.

Residents are encouraged to contact their insurance provider regarding their coverage as a first step in the recovery process. FEMA assistance can supplement losses denied by an insurance company, or for those who are underinsured or uninsured. Eligible residents now have until Monday, Nov. 8 to apply for assistance, as the deadline was extended for 2 weeks.

Help After a Disaster

FEMA Individual and Household Programs Fact Sheet

FEMA Individual Assistance Program Fact Sheet

State Supplemental Grant Program

California Department of Social Services Disaster Recovery Program - FAQs

Advice for Salvaging Damaged Family Treasures

Our FEMA partners have been very responsive in the effort to assist victims of the River Fire. FEMA representatives spent three days in Placer County hosting a recovery center to provide residents with information about debris removal in order to prepare for the rebuilding process.

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