Placer Recycles

There are many easy ways to reduce food waste – year-round, so make your money count!

Avoiding food waste can be as simple as planning a menu for more purposeful shopping, or by using proper food storage techniques to ensure the food we buy lasts until we are ready to use it. Taking leftovers for lunch is an easy way to reduce food waste, but what do you do when your plans change unexpectedly, leaving unprepared food in the fridge and your meal planning out the window? Make a soup with produce that has lost its snap, turn stale bread into delicious croutons, or combine your leftover stuffing and turkey into a delicious filling for bell peppers. 

Find helpful food waste prevention tips and tasty ideas and recipes to use the food you already have!

Keeping your food out of the landfill reduces landfill-generated methane – and saves you money!

Christmas Tree Recycling

No matter which portion of Placer County you are in, Christmas trees are chipped for use as mulch or added to compost; this reduces methane production at the landfill.

Learn how to recycle your Christmas tree depending on where you live here.

Row of cut down Christmas trees

Recycling in Placer

Placer recycles today, and every day (yes, that includes you)!

You Toss. We Sort.

Placer County is proud of our One Big Bin program which is made possible by our Materials Recovery Facilities, known as MRFs. Garbage and recycling can be put in your garbage can; it will all be sorted at one of our two MRFs, the eastern Placer MRF near Truckee or the western Placer MRF near Roseville. The county’s mixed waste collection program provides convenient services for trash and recycling and ensures 100% participation. 

See for yourself!

Recycling is about more than bottles, cans & boxes!

Green waste that decomposes in landfills creates methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas. In 2020, Placer County used your green waste, whether it was dropped off separately, collected from a green waste bin, or recovered from your garbage at one of the MRFs, to create over 20,000 tons of compost! So go ahead - you toss it, we’ll sort it and then we’ll transform your green waste into a rich compost that can be used to add nutrients to soil. Want to take a more hands-on approach? Learn how to compost at home here.

Eye Spy

Did you know that sorting all waste with One Big Bin also creates opportunities to identify markets for materials you may not know are recyclable? Items like doorknobs, bicycles, skis and bowling balls can be recovered and diverted away from the landfill; a unique opportunity provided by the simple fact that human eyes are on all materials sent through the MRFs. 

Keep Out!

There are a few things that should not be in your garbage though. Household hazardous wastes (HHW) like paint, light bulbs, electronic waste and items labeled “danger”, “caution” or “poison”.  

Speaking of household hazardous wastes – let’s talk batteries! 

Batteries are hazardous waste; they contain toxic and corrosive materials that can contaminate our environment and they can start fires. Tape the end of used batteries to prevent sparking and visit or to find out about HHW curbside pickup and/or drop-off options near you.