Hazardous Materials Response Team

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The Placer County Office of Emergency Services/ Hazardous Materials Response Team is composed of highly trained firefighters that respond to known and potential hazardous materials incidents within the region. 

The hazmat team is specially trained to handle hazardous materials or dangerous goods such as: combustible substances, explosives, corrosive liquids, dangerous cargo, oxidizing agents, radioactive or asphyxiating materials, biohazards, toxic substances and pathogenic or allergenic materials. 

Hazardous conditions may also include container leaks or the explosion of compressed gases, liquids, hot materials, chemicals and acts of terrorism. The hazmat team also responds to all transportation-related accidents that involve oil, chemical and other liquid spills along with industrial and military explosions.

It is the responsibility of the hazmat team to detect and identify hazardous materials and then establish a course of action to set up control zones to reduce exposure threats to citizens. Containing and safely cleaning up liquid and gas leaks through neutralization, plugging and patching efforts are also part of the team’s response. 

Strict protocols govern the hazmat team, which collects and labels substances and evidence in preparation for transportation. The team also surveys for different types of radiation using detection devices and when radiation is discovered the team takes actions to limit personnel exposure as well as reduce the spread of contamination.