Training & EMS Bureau

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The Training and EMS Bureau of the Nevada-Yuba-Placer Unit oversees and manages the training and credentialing of all frontline and support personnel within our three-county unit, including contract agencies Placer County Fire Department. 

They train, educate and ensure certification compliance in support of the department’s mission for 12 full-time state stations, five full-time Placer County stations, six volunteer stations, and over 300 firefighters within the three-county service area.

The Training Bureau is comprised of one state funded Battalion Chief for the oversight of all training and EMS for the Unit.  NEU has reallocated two FC’s to full time Training Captain positions.  

The Training Bureau is responsible for over 411 employees during peak staffing, In addition, the NEU Training Bureau manages 30 to 40 CFFJAC employees at any given time.  The NEU training Bureau handles the following responsibilities:

    Training Needs Assessment and Region training allocations

    Local Unit class calendar and All Hazard training delivery

    Robust EMS training and recertification program

    Management of Unit JAC employees and JAC training delivery

    4039 compliance and quality assurance

    Records maintenance 

    Target/Vector Solutions management

    CAL FIRE Fighter Training delivery

    Professional Returning Firefighter Academies

    Unit Company Officer Academies 

    Local Training Officer Association memberships

    Participation and membership on LEMSA committees 

    Participation on CAL FIRE committees and working groups

    Affiliation and instruction at local colleges (Sierra College, Yuba College)

    Liaison to Sierra Sacramento Valley EMSA

    Implementation of Advanced Life Support program including QA/QI

    Development and implementation of ePCR program