Hazardous Vegetation Abatement Ordinance

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Placer County’s hazardous vegetation abatement ordinance was established to assist property owners with maintaining 100 feet of cleared space from around their homes to help prevent structure fires from erupting during a wildfire incident. This is a requirement for improved parcels under state law. This ordinance goes one step further and requires owners of unimproved parcels (without a dwelling or basic required services like electricity) to abate vegetation on their property that is within 100 feet of a neighboring structure or borders roadways determined by the county fire warden to be essential to safe ingress and egress.  

Qualifying and requesting an inspection

To determine if you qualify for relief under the ordinance or to request an inspection, contact the fire district of the property in question. For areas served by the Placer County Fire Department, please leave a voicemail at 530-886-3570.