Special Event Permits

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Special Event Permits & Temporary Outdoor Event Permit

As part of the Placer County temporary outdoor events permit process, Placer County Fire Department will conduct inspections of temporary outdoor events.

General Requirements

  • The applicant shall provide a parking and circulation plan that will not inhibit fire department access to the event in case of an emergency. Roadways and areas designated “no parking” shall have appropriate signage. Applicant must pay the Placer County Fire Department permit fee prior to temporary outdoor event permit issuance.

  • Each food and craft concession will be required to have at least one fire extinguisher.

  • Concessions conducting grease-emitting cooking (frying, broiling, deep frying etc.) shall provide a minimum Class K extinguisher.

  • Concessions containing only normal combustibles (wood, paper, clothing, etc.) shall provide either a 2A-10BC extinguisher or a 2.5 gallon pressurized water extinguisher.

  • Maximum travel distance within a concession to a fire extinguisher shall not exceed 30 feet.

  • All propane portable tanks, regulators and fuel piping shall be suitably protected from vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

  • All extension cords shall be listed for exterior use and have a rated capacity at or above the rating of the appliance it serves.

  • Electrical wiring, devices, appliances and other equipment that are modified or damaged and constitute an electrical shock or fire hazard shall not be used.

  • Concession stands used for cooking shall have a minimum of 10 feet of clearance on two sides and shall not be located within 10 feet of amusement rides or devices.

  • The fire chief or their representative will conduct fire and life safety inspections for all concessions.

  • The appropriate emergency evacuation plan will be determined by the fire chief and must be maintained by the promoter.

  • Tent and temporary membrane structures in excess of 200 square feet and canopies in excess of 400 square feet shall have all sidewalls, drops and tops constructed of a flame-retardant material and be approved by the California state fire marshal.

  • Tent and canopy supports and ropes shall be clearly visible and protected from vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

  • Floor coverings, flammable decorations or effects, including sawdust and hay when used on floors or passageways, shall be made fire retardant in an approved manner.

  • Certification shall be retained on the premises for flame-retarded materials and coverings.

  • Heating and cooking equipment shall not be located within 10 feet of exits, aisles, passageways or combustible materials.

  • Smoking, fireworks, open flames and hot objects shall not be permitted in or adjacent to tents, canopies and temporary membrane structures or areas where hay, straw, sawdust or any combustible materials are stored or used.

  • Parking areas shall be free of combustible vegetation (green grass or scratched to bare earth).

  • Fire apparatus access roads shall be provided so that no area of the event is greater than 150 feet (foot travel) from fire department vehicle access.

  • Fire apparatus access roads shall be 20 feet wide, clearly marked and unobstructed.

  • Provide an approved turnaround for all dead ends in fire apparatus access roads exceeding 150 feet in length.