Colfax Station 30


Colfax Station 30  |  24020 Fowler Road, Colfax, CA 95713  |  (530) 346-6776

Colfax Station 30 is the Battalion Headquarters for Battalion 13 and services the communities of Colfax and Gold Run.  The station dates back to the 1930’s and was rebuilt to its current status in 2006.  Target hazards include the Interstate 80 Corridor, UP Railway, Kinder Morgan Pipeline, and the City of Colfax.  Station 30 is the upcountry home to the Placer County Technical Rescue Team and services the rugged canyons and recreation areas of the North Fork of the American River.  Equipment assigned to Station 30 includes:

  • 1 Battalion Chief
  • 2 Type III Engines