SNOW Sports Museum and Community Cultural Center Project

The proposed project would include construction of a museum and cultural center celebrating the 1960 Winter Olympics and history of winter sports in the Sierra Nevada. The two-story building would consist of up to 20,000 square feet (sf) with a maximum height of 30 feet, as well as outdoor gathering spaces and amenities. The building would include, but not be limited to, the following components: 

• Museum of Olympic History and Sierra Nevada Ski History (Museum). The museum would commemorate the events of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games held in Olympic Valley and Lake Tahoe and the ensuing effects on regional and western ski history. The museum would also document the ski history of the Sierra Nevada region beginning with the Washoe Tribe to 19th century gold miners, to members of the 10th Mountain Division, to current World Cup athletes;

• Cultural Community Center. The cultural community center would offer education and awareness programs in history, culture, sports innovation, and environmental stewardship;

• Event Space. The building would include event space for exhibits, films, educational and recreational classes, conferences, lectures, and community events, and small private celebrations;

• Visitor Center. A visitor center would be included as part of the building and would be operated in partnership with Placer County and the North Tahoe Community Alliance, formerly the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association; and

• Café and Museum Shop. A small café and museum shop, ancillary to the museum, community cultural center, and visitor center would be provided.

Various associated improvements would be included in the development of the proposed project, including, but not limited to landscaping and utility installation.

For more information regarding the proposed project, please contact Patrick Dobbs, Senior Planner, at (530) 745-3060 or [email protected]

  1. Notice of Preparation
  2. Draft EIR

Notice of Preparation of an EIR (Released 03/18/22)