Fire Safety Tips


Approximately 95% of all wildfires in California are caused by human activity. 
That is why fire agencies need the public’s help to prevent them. Whether it’s ensuring a campfire is completely extinguished, or keeping a vehicle well maintained to prevent sparks, following just a few simple steps can help prevent wildfires.

  • Using outdoor equipment -- Mow before 10 a.m., but never when it’s windy or excessively dry. Lawn mowers are designed to mow lawns, not weeds or dry grass. Metal blades striking rocks can create sparks and start fires. Use caution. Learn more 
  • Burning debris -- Landscape debris piles must be small - no larger than 4 feet by 4 feet. Clear all flammable material and vegetation within 10 feet of the outer edge of the pile. Keep a water supply and shovel close to the burning site. Learn more
  • Using a campfire -- Select a level, open location away from logs, brush or decaying leaves and needles. Clear an area at least 10 feet in diameter. Your fire must never be left unattended and the fire must be extinguished completely before leaving. Learn more 
  • Driving safely – Secure your car. Dragging chains will throw sparks and can cause a fire. Use appropriate safety pins and a hitch ball to secure chains. Learn more

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One Less Spark campaign – CAL FIRE launched the One Less Spark campaign to help educate community members on how to remain fire safe. Learn more