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In compliance with state community care licensing requirements, Placer County Fire conducts inspections on all licensed large family daycare, home care and adult daycare facilities.

Large Family Day Care Homes Description

A large family daycare home is a single-family residence licensed by the State of California to provide daycare for nine to 14 children (including those children under the age of ten who normally reside at the home) for periods of less than 24 hours per day. Large family daycare homes are intended to provide children with the same environment that is provided in a traditional home setting. Large family daycare homes are classified as Group R-3 occupancies by the state fire marshal.

When a license request from the Department of Social Services is sent to the Fire Prevention Bureau, a fire inspector will conduct an inspection prior to the license being approved by the fire department. The fire safety inspection request form must be submitted to the fire department before an inspection is conducted. You can find all the required forms and information on the California state website.

Inspection Fee

Review the fee structure for associated fees.


View an example of an approved fire alarm for state licensing inspections (home care and large family daycare).