The Truth + Justice Journal will highlight cases, processes, people and issues that take place in and around the Placer County District Attorney's Office


Crime + process

While the world has become fascinated with crime documentaries and podcasts, the day to day process of a district attorney's office still remain a mystery to many. Dive into the world of the Placer County District Attorney's office, in and out of the courtroom. Read more

Roseville-caThe Issue Is...

The Issue Is... series will dive deeper into a range of issue affecting Placer County. This series will cover what we are seeing in the District Attorney's office, hearing from the community, what the experts are saying, what we are doing about it and broader policy solutions to address these major issues. Read more


Courtroom art series 

Placer County has a rich history of the Placer County District Attorney's Office receiving justice for victims of crime. This series will highlight the courtroom art hanging throughout the office that captures some of the most high profile cases throughout the years. Read more