Professional Standards Division

Eric GuerenaProbation Manager Eric Guerena

This year he will have been with our department for 18 years. He has previous probation experience in another county. He has a master’s degree in Behavior Science with a focus on Juvenile Probation issues. Eric has worked in every division and was our first DUI Supervision Officer. Additionally, he was a supervisor for seven years for Placer County, assigned to the Adult Field Division, the Juvenile Detention Facility, and the Juvenile Field Division.

About The Division

Professional Standards Division is comprised of a Probation Manager, Senior Staff Services Analyst, and an Administrative Technician. The Professional Standards Division provides vital support to the Chief Probation Officer and Assistant Probation Chiefs, as well as Juvenile and Adult Operations, in accordance with the department's mission and vision. There are a variety of responsibilities for our Professional Standards Division:

Data CollectionMerredith Murdock
Data Analysis
State and Federal Reporting
Programming and Treatment updates for offenders
Annual Business Summary
Background Investigations
Internal Affairs Investigations
Training compliance for Officers
Department Safety Manager
Department Recruitment
Social Media/website
Public Information Officer