Get City of Roseville, Placer County news and events directly on your smartphone with the free Simplicity app

Published July 12, 2022
Placer County Simplicity

To make it easier for our residents to get timely and important news and event information, the City of Roseville and Placer County have joined Simplicity - a free government-oriented smartphone app.

The Simplicity app does not require registration and does not collect any personal data from users. After installing the Simplicity app, users just need to choose their community of residence, and then select topics of interest to receive personalized notifications.

“The community let us know they wanted an app to get verified and timely information from a trusted source,” said Krista Bernasconi, Mayor of the City of Roseville. “With Simplicity, information can be customized and easily accessed, simply with touch on our smartphones.”

“We’re all inundated with information these days from so many sources, important updates our residents want to hear can get lost in the noise,” said Cindy Gustafson, chair of the Placer County Board of Supervisors. “With Simplicity, we’re continuing to take advantage of emerging technology to help provide the best service we can to our residents.” 

Using the mobile app and its push notifications, residents can always stay informed with real-time updates about things they are interested in - even without opening the app. Unlike social media providers such as Facebook and Nextdoor, all posts in Simplicity reach every user.

As other local government agencies also join, users will have official local community updates easily accessible in one place.

The Simplicity app is free and available for iOS and Android. 

Roseville residents can also sign up at
Residents of unincorporated Placer County can sign up at