Tahoe City Benefit Assessment District

With future road and sidewalk improvements in Tahoe City on their way, including new roundabouts on Highway 89 and the “Wye” and the replacement of Fanny Bridge, Tahoe City will benefit from significant infrastructure upgrades at the west end of town. In order to properly maintain these improvements and budget for the future costs of aging infrastructure in the Tahoe City downtown core, Placer County, the Tahoe City Public Utility District and Tahoe City Downtown Association are exploring the idea of forming a benefit assessment district to effectively maintain Tahoe City’s public infrastructure for the long-term.

Common Use

Benefit assessment districts are commonly used by local governments to pay the costs of certain public services to a particular community, based on the concept of assessing only those properties that directly benefit from the services or improvements.

Check Back & Feedback

Check back often as we will be adding new information related to the formation of the new district. 


View agendas for the Benefit Assessment District.