Criminal Justice Pathways Program


The Placer County Criminal Justice Pathways program gives high school students an inside look at the criminal justice process taking place in the Santucci Justice Center. 

IMG_1420Launched in 2022, the program is perfect for any student who is interested in how the criminal justice system works or is interested in a career in criminal justice. The program is a partial day program with lunch included. Registration is by the school and students attend with their class during school hours. 

Starting with the Placer County District Attorney’s Office, students will learn about how the office works and listen about a real-life example case and investigation. The students will walk over to the Placer County Superior Court to learn more about the court operation and trial process. IMG_1372The tour includes the Placer County Sheriff’s Office Coroner facility where, if operations permit, students can view the inside operations of the county coroner facility. Students will also walk over to the Placer County South Placer Jail for a tour of the facility.

Finally, students enjoy lunch sponsored by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and are able to tour Placer County Probation’s mobile outreach mobile while talking with employees from all the participating agencies.

Our students are our future, and we are glad to have this program to get students interested in our local criminal justice system! If you are interested in learning more about the program email [email protected]