Psychological Trauma of Abuse

Picture6Psychological Trauma 

Psychological trauma is damage to the psyche after experiencing an extremely frightening or distressing event. This event could result in coping normally after the event. Everyone handles traumatic events differently. Many people recover well with the proper supports and services. Some people develop challenges shortly after the event or within a few months after the event.

What is a potential traumatic event? 

A traumatic event can be caused by one singular event. It can also be caused by any ongoing events. A traumatic event is more likely to leave an individual with emotional trauma if:

1. The individual is unprepared for the event.

2. The individual felt powerless to prevent the event.Picture7

3. The event occurred repeatedly.

4. The event occurred during childhood.

Traumatic events involve a major threat to one's physical or psychological wellbeing. Some examples of traumatic events are:

1. Natural disaster: This can include earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornadoes.

2. Breakup or divorce: This can cause trauma to the couple as well as trauma to their children and close relatives.

3. Interpersonal violence: This includes victims of child abuse, losing someone close to you by suicide, death of a loved one, and domestic violence survivors and their children.

Effects of untreated trauma can result in:

1. Substance Abuse

2. Hostility

3. Inability to maintain healthy relationships

4. Social Withdrawal

5. Depression