County Projects in Tahoe

East Placer County Development map - updated for web May 2023

County Development

  1. Tahoe City Fire Station / Commons Beach
  2. SNOW Museum
  3. Burton Creek Justice Center
  4. Tahoe Facility Planning
  5. Library Services
  6. Cabin Creek Biomass

Tahoe City Fire Station / Commons Beach

Former Fire Station 51 on North Lake Blvd.The former Fire Station 51 was built in 1961 and housed North Tahoe Fire services until 2011. In 2012, North Tahoe Fire completed and opened a new facility on Fairway Drive and the vacancy of the fire station on the Commons Beach property initiated a visioning effort that resulted in guiding principles; to provide an attraction to Tahoe City that would reactivate and bring vibrancy to the town center area, create a place for the community to gather, and provide environmental and scenic restoration.  The Board of Supervisors has stressed that future use of the facility and/or redevelopment of the site would need to be fiscally viable and sustainable and align with long-term land use and mobility planning for Tahoe City.  Learn more about the future of this site at the webpage below.

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Housing Projects

  1. Dollar Creek Crossing
  2. Hopkins Village

Dollar Creek Crossing

Dollar Creek Housing Project location aerial view.The proposed Dollar Creek Crossing housing project would support the construction of much-needed housing for local workers. The project is proposed on the 11.4-acre Nahas property, which was purchased by the County in October 2019 with financial support from the Truckee Tahoe Airport District. This County-owned property is located near schools, transit routes, trails, and other services making it an ideal location for members of the local workforce and their families. The current project proposal includes 110 total housing units, comprising 80 rental units and 30 for-sale units. Learn more on the project webpage at the link below. 

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Transportation Projects

  1. State Route 89/267 Transit Priority Lane
  2. Fanny Bridge Revitalization
  3. Grove Street Signal
  4. Tahoe City Downtown Access Improvements
  5. Kings Beach Western Approach
  6. Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project

State Route 89/267 Transit Priority Lane

Priority Bus LanePlacer County is dedicated to reducing peak travel demands along State Routes 89 and 267. Regional studies point to the efficacy of a reversible high-occupancy transit lane along both state highways to help manage peak traffic. This dedicated transit lane would implement a combination of signs and markings along a corridor and allow transit vehicles to continue past congested portions of the two corridors and maintain more reliable and faster transit service. Given the directional nature of peak travel within the Resort Triangle, a center-running, reversible bus-only lane could improve traffic delays in the region and reduce the number of cars on each roadway. Working closely with our partners from Caltrans, California Highway Patrol, Resort Triangle stakeholders and local communities along each state route, Placer County continues to work towards implementation and construction on this project.

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Trails / Parks & Recreation

  1. North Tahoe Trail
  2. Truckee River Rec. Access Trail
  3. Lakeside Trail
  4. Martis Valley Trail
  5. Overland Emigrant Trail
  6. Flick Point II

North Tahoe Trail

Dollar Creek Bike Trail and cyclistThe North Tahoe Shared-Use Trail is the regional trail envisioned to connect North Tahoe Regional Park in Tahoe Vista to the Dollar Creek Trail near Tahoe City. When complete, the trail will provide a continuous path on Lake Tahoe’s north shore for pedestrians and cyclists. This trail is also one segment of the regional Resort Triangle Trail that will eventually connect Tahoe City, Kings Beach, and Truckee. Design and construction of the trail will be phased in three segments. The proposed trail alignment will use existing public trail easements and public land parcels from the U.S. Forest Service and California Tahoe Conservancy. No private property easements are expected to be needed to complete the project. Read more in the release below.

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Parking Management

  1. Program Development

Parking Management 

An aerial view of a Placer County parking lotParking is an important factor in overall transportation conditions. Historically, the focus has been on ensuring sufficient parking supply; however, an unmanaged oversupply of parking can have an impact on traffic conditions and communities. Parking management can include a wide range of options, such as fee programs, parking incentives for carpooling, parking restrictions (such as timed parking), agreements between property owners for shared parking, residential permit parking and marketing efforts. Effective parking management makes more efficient use of existing infrastructure, reduces transportation impacts on the environment and improves overall congestion and traffic delay. Learn more on our parking management webpage below.

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Tahoe Basin Area Plan

  1. Land Use Policy / Code Updates

Tahoe Basin Land Use Policy

Tahoe City aerial - TBAP amendmentsThe Tahoe Basin Area Plan and implementing regulations were originally adopted by the Placer County Board of Supervisors on December 6, 2016 and by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board on January 25, 2017. This plan and implementing regulations replaced all previous community plans, general plans, land use regulations, development standards and guidelines, and plan area statements within the Tahoe Basin.

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Environmental Improvement Projects

  1. Lower Secline
  2. Flick Point II

Lower Secline Water Quality Improvement

Lower Secline StreetPlacer County's Department of Public Works has designed and implemented numerous phases of the Kings Beach Water Quality Improvement project over the last two decades. The watershed improvement project consists of drainage conveyance, stabilization, revegetation, road runoff treatment and paving in the Kings Beach area. Construction of the project was completed in November, 2023 and formalized parking for beachgoers, paved the existing dirt roads, stabilized the road shoulders and added sidewalks, and installed water quality improvements to reduce the quantity of sediment making it into Lake Tahoe.

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