Placer County Public Health encourages residents to celebrate National Brush Day Nov. 1

Adopting healthy dental habits can help prevent tooth decay and other oral health problems

Published Oct. 31, 2022

To support healthy dental routines, the Placer County Oral Health Program is launching a Halloween campaign that brings awareness to National Brush Day, which takes place annually on Nov. 1. This campaign encourages children to brush their “fangs” for two minutes, two times a day — and every day — to keep their teeth and smiles looking healthy and bright.

It is no surprise that National Brush Day occurs the day after Halloween. During Halloween and other holidays, children are more likely to consume candies and sweet treats that lead to tooth decay and other oral health consequences. Children tend to snack on their Halloween candy and other treats throughout the holiday season, which may increase their risk of developing cavities and other dental problems.

To ensure children are using proper brushing techniques, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends parents and caregivers supervise their children’s brushing techniques until they are seven or eight years old. Additional ways to make brushing fun and exciting for children include:

  • Letting children pick their toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste flavor
  • Listening to a two-minute brushing song or watching a brushing video
  • Implementing a brushing chart or calendar into dental routines
  • Demonstrating good brushing techniques on a stuffed animal
  • Downloading the Toothsavers game app to encourage regular brushing

While this campaign is focused on brushing techniques, other healthy behaviors—  such as daily flossing and receiving regular dental visits — are also crucial for optimal oral health. According to a recent survey by the California Office of Oral Health, more than 46.2% of students in the greater Sacramento region, which includes Placer County, have experienced tooth decay by the third grade. 

“Some parents believe that their children are brushing their teeth twice a day because the parents see the children putting the toothbrush in their mouths, yet lack of coordination at a young age can prevent kids from reaching every tooth at every angle,” said Meghan Marshall, the county’s public health director. “Parental supervision of this daily ritual can not only help ensure kids are brushing thoroughly but give busy families a few more precious minutes of quality time together.”

This Halloween and National Brush Day, the Placer County Oral Health Program encourage all Placer County residents to adopt healthy habits to help reach optimal oral health. The Public Health program aims to increase the number of residents who remain cavity-free. Visit Placer County’s Oral Health Program website or Smile, California for additional information and resources.