Lower Secline Water Quality Improvement Project

Lower Secline-0059

Secline Project-The Lower Secline Water Quality Improvement Project (WQP) is located within Placer County on the north shore of Lake Tahoe in the unincorporated town of Kings Beach. The project site is on Secline Avenue south of State Route 28 and Brockway Vista Avenue (See location map).

Placer County DPW has designed and implemented numerous phases of the Kings Beach Water Quality Improvement project over the last 2 decades. The watershed improvement project consists of drainage conveyance, stabilization, revegetation, road runoff treatment and paving in the Kings Beach area.  At this time, the Brockway Vista/Lower Secline area has not been addressed due to various conflicting projects in the area. Both roads are either unpaved or in poor pavement condition and are near the lake (less than 200 feet). The intent of the project is to pave the existing dirt roads, formalize parking areas, stabilize road shoulders, and install water quality improvements to reduce the quantity of sediment transport. Placer County has completed the design of the Lower Secline Water Quality Improvement project and received the necessary permits and approvals to proceed with construction.   

This project is set for construction in the summer of 2023.   

The project also calls for the paving of 13 of the existing parking spaces on the lakeside portion of Secline Street along with paving the access way to front of the North Tahoe Public Utility District sewer lift station, which is adjacent to the right of way. 

The Tahoe Basin Area Plan calls for a 10-foot-wide boardwalk down Brockway Vista Avenue and the project is designed to include land along the new water quality and pavement project that will accommodate this in the future.  

Placer County officials held a public meeting to provide an update on the project Wednesday, Dec. 14, at the North Tahoe Events Center. 

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