County Proceeding with High-Priority Park Projects Identified in Survey

Published on November 14, 2014

Placer County is working with volunteers to develop a Frisbee golf course at Todd Valley Pond Park and hopes to begin construction next spring on two other park-improvement projects identified as high priorities in a recent survey of Foresthill Divide residents.

The Frisbee golf course is a volunteer project that will be constructed at no cost to the county. It was the highest-ranked project in the survey.

Both the Foresthill Forum and County Parks Commission voted recently to recommend funding for the projects that ranked second and third. Their recommendations will be reviewed when the projects come before the Board of Supervisors for final funding decisions.

The projected costs are:

  • $35,000 to install a new outfield fence at the large softball-baseball field in Leroy E Botts Memorial Park; and
  • $25,000 to pave the entry aprons that lead from Foresthill Road to parking areas at Todd Valley Pond Park.

Funding will come from park dedication fees paid by residential development projects in the Foresthill-Todd Valley area.

The County Parks and Grounds Division worked closely with 5th District Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery and District Aide Jocelyn Maddux on several community meetings and the survey to get feedback from residents on what park and recreation projects they consider the highest priorities. The survey’s focus was on rehabilitating existing recreational facilities without adding new maintenance costs.

Almost 30% of the people who took the survey ranked the Frisbee golf course as the highest priority. The outfield fence was ranked first by 14.6% and paving the entry aprons for the Todd Valley park held the top spot in 14.4% of the surveys.