State of the Sierra Nevadas - Forest Report

Published on November 10, 2014

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy released a report on the state of the Sierra Nevada Forests detailing the urgent need to address declining forest health in the Region.

View the interactive version of the report providing a visual story about the impacts of the current forest conditions on all of California.

This interactive map will take you on a journey through several key issues from the report allowing you to explore the information in more detail. In addition to beautiful and impactful photos, slides within the interactive map allow you to pan, zoom, and examine in finer detail some of the data used to create this report, including:

Where forest thinning treatments have occurred in the past
Sierra Nevada fire history
How the Sierra is connected to all of California via the rivers that feed the Delta and California’s aqueduct system

and more…

Once you click on an object or area on the map, you will learn more about the data in that spot. The drop-down legend located in the top center of the slide defines the data layers available on each map.

You can find more information on the State of California Sierra Nevada Conservancy website.

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