Holiday safety tips (2)

There are some proactive actions you can take that will hopefully prevent certain crimes from happening to you! 

1) Lock your car
One of the most important things we can do is lock our doors! Vehicle burglaries are on the rise and thieves are always hoping to find presents stored in your car. Thieves are less likely to break into a car that is locked or where they cannot see potential items to steal.

2) Hide your valuables
Keep items of value or importance out of sight! Criminals first look for an easy target or for something valuable. Keep presents in the trunk of your car and don't leave empty boxes outside that may advertise an expensive new purchase.

3) Keep a hand on your purse
When shopping, make sure to keep a hand on your purse or wallet. The chaos of holiday shopping is the perfect opportunity for criminals to steal a purse or wallet from a shopping cart.

4) Research charities
The holiday season is the perfect time for charitable donations and many of us want to help our community. Charity scams always make an appearance during this time! Make sure to research any charity or organization before you make a donation to make sure they are legitimate.

5) Protect against porch pirates
Protect your gifts and packages! Everyone is receiving additional packages this time year providing ample opportunities for porch pirates. Make sure to frequently check your porch when you are expecting deliveries or have a neighbor check for you.

6) Keep the lights on
Keep your home well lit. Criminals prefer to commit their crimes in the shadows! Keep your area well lit by utilizing porch lights and other motion activated lights.

7) Protect your garage
Your garage is a part of your home and is easy to access when the garage door is open. Protect your garage and property by keeping your garage door closed whenever you are not available to keep an eye on it.

8) Beware of SCAM emails and phone calls
Be aware of who is sending emails or calling you. Scams are prevalent during the holiday season seeking to take advantage of peoples' generosity. Make sure delete and block scam emails and calls!

9) Know your neighbors
It is important to know your neighbors so you recognize when someone doesn't belong in your neighborhood. Keep an eye out for people or vehicles that aren't usually in your neighborhood.

10) Don't save passwords of credit cards numbers online
Saving passwords or credit card numbers online makes it easier for hackers to steal your information. While it takes more time to enter this information each time you visit a website, that is easier than having to deal with identity theft.

11) Check credit history and credit card statements
Now is a good time to check your credit card statements and credit history to make sure there aren't any unauthorized charges to your accounts.

12) Drive safely 

Impaired driving is driving under the influence. Celebrate safely by not driving while impaired. Keep an eye on the road and watch out for impaired drivers. Utilize a designated driver or ride share apps if you need a safe ride home.