Online Shopping Safety Tips


Online shopping safety tips

  • Make sure you are only shopping on reputable sites. 
  • Do not click on links found on social media or in an email.
  • Instead of directly clicking on a link --  Type the URL into the address bar. 
  • Don't use public Wi-Fi networks that may leave your data, such as your personal identifying information or your credit card number unsecured.
  • When shopping online, look for a small closed lock sign (like this 🔒) to the left of the URL. This will tell you that the site is handling your data securely.
  • See if the web address on the page begins with "https:", not "http:". That little ’s’ tells you the website is secure and encrypted to protect your information.
  • Consider using site-to-store shipping or pick-up your purchases from a parcel locker to avoid porch pirates.
  • If a Facebook or Instagram ad catches your eye – research the website separately before buying.
  • Beware of deals that sound too good to be true- they usually are!
  • If you are buying a gift card, read the Terms and Conditions.
  • Use a Credit Card or PayPal. Do not use a debit card or check as these do not have the same security protections in place for you should a problem arise.
  • Look for online reviews and search the Better Business Bureau website for complaints.
  • Check the “contact us” page on the website for a U.S. address and phone number. If you’d like to take it a step further: call the business to verify.
  • Check your bank account – ensure there are not random withdrawals after online shopping