DA Office Awards


California District Attorneys Association as Outstanding Prosecutor of the Year

Our very own Deputy District Attorney and Placer PROTECT Coordinator Shannon Quigley was honored by the California District Attorneys Association as Outstanding Prosecutor of the Year for medium-sized counties. Shannon's dedication to seeking justice for our senior residents makes her invaluable to our office and our county!

Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute

299429040_393680262878547_5022693913647596141_nSupervising District Attorney Investigator Vince Dutto graduated from the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute. SLI is comprised of week-long sessions over an eight month period and represents a huge commitment and sacrifice from students. The program and its curriculum are dedicated to creating leaders who are ready to adapt to the changing needs of our communities. In addition to his graduation, Vince’s class selected him as one of their class speakers based upon his contributions to the overall course.

MADD Prosecutor of the Year Award

296324732_382913687288538_8613648854220527287_nWe are honored to have one of our prosecutors receive the distinguished award of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) prosecutor of the year. Deputy District Attorney Robert Lopez received the award for his work to bring justice to a tragic drunk driving case from a multiple time offender. DDA Lopez's commitment to seeking justice for the crime and the victims of this individual resulted in the the defendant receiving the maximum sentence for a felony DUI with a prior strike conviction. Our county is lucky to have amazing prosecutors like DDA Lopez.

Deputy District Attorney, Diego Heimlich started with our office. Not only is he an amazing addition to our team, District Attorney Morgan Gire was able to present him with the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) prosecutor of the year award before he started. We have the best of the best.

Joe McClure Investigator of the Year Award

306545226_412354291011144_5854762394786489291_nThe California District Attorney Investigators Association recognizes exemplary work by a District Attorney Investigator each year and awards them the “Joe McClure Investigator of the Year Award”. In 2021 CDAIA recognized Supervising District Attorney Investigator Nuno Tavares as the Investigator of the year award for his work on the Christie Wilson homicide. This work included 15 years of searching for Christie following the conviction of her killer- ultimately finding her in 2020. The presentation of the award was delayed due to COVID, however after a wait, Supervising Investigator Nuno Tavares received his well-deserved formal recognition.