(Em)power + Resilience Project

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(em) POWER (4)The (Em)power + Resilience Project serves as a peer-to-peer support network, organized/supported by the DA's office, empowering our amazing survivors to connect to a current network of other survivors, resources, trainings and opportunities to help them through their process and affect change.


 Every survivor needs something different as part of their healing process. Some need to grieve, some want to advocate, some want answers about the criminal justice process. E + R needs to provide avenues for each, while providing that peer-to-peer experience for every need. There will be three arms to E+R filling the GAP in survivor support -- (G)rief, (A)dvocacy and (P)rocess



Grief counseling, groups, reading list, how to turn your grief into helping others  and more. Learn more


Peer-peer support and personal insight into the court process + parole hearings, how to write victim statements, what each hearing means to the loved ones in the process and more. Learn the process.



Learning how to turn your anguish into advocacy, PR training/support, legislative process training / support , attend events and more. Learn more


The E+R Project advocacy arm is launching their Survivors’ Seven EMPOWER Demands for the state of California: 

1. (E)nsure survivor’s civil rights
 – ensure equal protection for crime survivors under state law  
2.  (M)arginalized crime survivor justice – too often marginalized communities are being victimized twice – by their aggressor and by the policies that silence them throughout the process - the very communities state officials claim they want to protect 

  • Women 
  • Children 
  • Minority groups 
  • Hate crime related victims 
    3. (P)romote CDCR accountability – lack of transparency is compounding community and survivor trauma (Placer DA sponsored legislation AB 1260 would have helped this problem)  
    4. (O)ppose harmful polices – misguided and retroactive policies are harming our state (Senate bill 94 will allow some of our state’s most brazen criminals reduce their sentences) 
    5. (W)ork to end the fentanyl crisis (special session to hear fentanyl bills scheduled for 4/27)
    6. (E)nd suffering to (E)nsure quality of life standards for all – residents, survivors, people struggling with addiction, people experiencing poverty and homelessness all deserve a higher quality of life 
    7. (R)eview and assess the past decade of criminal justice policies – policy makers need to analyze and assess the effect of sweeping criminal justice policies in our state. 

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During the 2023 Crime Victims Rights Week, Placer DA partnered with Placer County Museumes to honor the amazing families who have turned their pain into purpose in Placer County. Displayed in the beautiful Auburn Courthouse, the display used compassionate story telling to honor victims of crime, while educating the community on important issues. Learn more