Victim  Survivor Network Database (1)

Hello, we are so glad you are here. Our Victim + Survivor Network is designed to connect and empower people who have experienced loss and adversity and want to seek the path of resilience. A creation of the (Em)power + Resilience project, we hope this network will serve as a resource moving forward. 

Resilience and empowerment come in many forms ranging from reaching out to others, finding available resources , telling your story, turning your pain into advocacy and more. 

That is what this Network is designed to help you navigate. Please fill out this form to identify how the Network can best serve you. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

***The (Em)power and Resilience Project will be hosting an event to honor victims and survivors during National Crime Victims' Rights Week April 23–29. Please let us know if we can share your story during this week and if you want to attend!***

Victim + Survivor Network Database

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