Project to build Highway 49 sidewalks to go out for construction bids

Published on July 26, 2016

Placer County today took another step to improving Highway 49 through North Auburn when the board of supervisors approved plans and specifications for the Highway 49 Beautification and Sidewalk Project and authorized advertising the project for construction bids.

The project will build 2,900 feet of sidewalk from New Airport Road to Bell Road on the east side of the highway. Another segment, if funding is available, will continue with another 200 feet of sidewalk from Bell Road to Education Street.

The project was initially approved in 2010. However, the county’s redevelopment agency, along with every other one in the state, was dissolved by the governor. The county’s Department of Public Works and Facilities then took up the project and has guided it through the approval process. Even though the environmental documents were approved in 2010, the county had to negotiate for right of way, complete design work and obtain environmental permitting.

Public Works expects the contract will be awarded in September and construction is expected to begin in October. Inclement weather can delay the construction schedule. The project will take about four months to complete. Estimated project construction cost is $800,000 and is funded by the redevelopment bond funds and local road funds.