Fanny Bridge Revitalization

Fanny Bridge


The State Route (SR) 89 Fanny Bridge Community Revitalization Project, located in Tahoe City, is identified by Placer County and our partner agencies in the Lake Tahoe Basin as a critical transportation improvement project. The project was envisioned and underwent initial planning as far back as the 1990s. In 2013, the Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) garnered significant federal funding to accelerate planning and design efforts with lead implementation by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Office of Federal Lands, Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD). Placer County supported TTD’s efforts with local match funding along with county staff support. 

The totality of the project scope includes the construction of a new bypass segment of State Route 89 with a new bridge crossing the Truckee River and roundabouts on the east and west side. It also includes the replacement of the signalized Tahoe City “wye” with a new roundabout and replacement of the over 90-year-old Fanny Bridge. Multi-modal improvements, such as the new Dollar Creek paved shared-use path, sidewalks, and bike lanes were incorporated to enhance connectivity and safety for pedestrians and cyclists. 

Project Goals: 

  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle mobility
  • Improve traffic circulation, evacuation, safety, and transit connections
  • Rebuild Fanny Bridge and provide ‘complete street’ district
  • Provide second Truckee River bridge crossing

Background & Status

For context purposes, a brief history is provided below highlighting key funding approvals and project accomplishments.

  • October 2016 - FHWA awarded initial construction contract. 
  • Portions of the project completed by the end of 2019:
  • Truckee River Bridge
  • Pedestrian and bicycle facilities adjacent to new bridge
  • Tahoe City Bypass (new SR89)
  • Western Roundabout
  • Eastern Roundabout
  • Dollar Creek Trail Segment
  • Meeks Bay Bike Path

Remaining Scope Includes:

  1. Roundabout at “wye” intersection
  2. Fanny Bridge Rebuild & Enhancement
  3. Complete Streets Improvements south of rebuilt Fanny Bridge: Lighting, Class 2 bike lanes, Sidewalks


  • FLAP Funding available for Wye Roundabout and Fanny Bridge
  • Oct 2023 - County BOS approved $1.5M Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) and $1.5M local Traffic Fee funding for required match
  • $3M STBG Grant awarded 


  • FHWA plans to advertise for construction bids in 2023
  • Award and construction in 2024 

A detailed timeline of the history of project delivery is provided below:

1994Tahoe City Community Plan identifies need for the project
Early 2011TTD launches Community Outreach Program
December 2014Environmental Document published
March-May 2015Project Approval Hearings held for lead agencies
May 2015Environmental Document certified
May 2015Alternative 1, Option 2 selected as preferred alternative
May 2017 Construction begins
October 2019Completed the construction of the new Truckee River Bridge, SR 89 realignment,  two roundabouts on both ends of the realignment and erected new Tahoe City gateway signs in each roundabout.
Spring 2020Construction of realigned bike path along the new SR 89, reconstructing the bike path along SR 28 across from Fairway Drive, and sidewalk construction along the east side of SR 28 between Fairway Drive and the “wye” intersection
October 2024Placer County Board of Supervisors authorizes match funding to fully fund "wye" roundabout and Fanny Bridge replacement
Spring 2024Estimated start of construction of “wye” roundabout and replacement of Fanny Bridge
 Spring 2025Proposed start of "Complete Streets" final phase of revitalization project (pending funding)

Selected Project Documents

  • In progress