Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project


Project Overview 

Completed in 2017, the Kings Beach Commercial Core Improvement Project (KBCCIP) is a $50 million initiative which transformed a 1.1-mile stretch of State Route 28 through Kings Beach, in scenic North Lake Tahoe, with roadway, sidewalk, lighting, landscaping, and water quality improvements. The project was designed to create a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly commercial center in the heart of Kings Beach. The KBCCIP provides multiple benefits to both Kings Beach and Lake Tahoe. As part of the project, water-quality improvements have been installed to catch sediment-laden runoff and treat it, helping preserve the lake’s clarity. 

KB Roundabout1

With the installation of sidewalks and bicycle lanes, the community is much more pedestrian and bike friendly. Numerous amenities were also installed that improve the aesthetics of the community. They include 8,000 feet of sidewalks, bicycle lanes, streetscape improvements, trash receptacles, 400 feet of stone seat walls, benches, landscaping, and decorative lights.

KB Roundabout2

Keeping the world-class shores of Kings Beach and nearby merchants and restaurants accessible to the community and visitors alike is central to the KBCCIP. With the project now complete, Kings Beach is home to six new public parking lots and two bus shelters. Both shelters are equipped with LED lighting and the NextBus system, allowing transit users to accurately track when their bus will arrive at the shelter.

Kings Beach SR28