Tahoe City Complete Streets

Tahoe City Mobility-Grove Street Intersection

Placer County is in the process of developing a project which includes a signalized intersection at the intersection of HWY 28 and Grove St. in Tahoe City.  (see Photo)

Various studies have been conducted which involved both manual traffic control during busy times, and the use of a temporary signal at the location to manage pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  It has been determined that a signal is the best approach.  

Placer County is now in the preliminary stages of assembling a consultant team, which will aid Placer County, and work toward getting project approval, complete the initial environmental documentation, and perform the preliminary engineering necessary.    

Since this project will require the cooperation of Caltrans, our consultant will oversee the Caltrans management assistance aspect of the project.  

Some other key aspects of the preliminary stages of the project will be to conduct detailed surveys of the area and map these areas.  Develop an area of potential effect map and begin the required environmental studies and determinations.   Once these initial aspects are complete, the project will advance to the 35% Plans, technical specifications, and cost estimate phase.  

The County will ask for and coordinate public outreach during all phases of the project.  

Grove St.