Tactical Emergency Medical Support

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Established in 2019, the Placer County Fire Department’s Tactical Emergency Medical Support Team (TEMS) provides direct medical support and logistical medical support to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and Special Enforcement Team (SET).

The PCFD TEMS team is composed of six Firefighter EMT or Firefighter Paramedic members and two Command staff (one Battalion Chief and one Division Chief) who respond to high-risk law enforcement operations including: active shooter incidents, high-risk warrant services, hostage situations, bombings and other law enforcement and tactical actions. 

TEMS team members provide immediate or near-immediate medical and trauma care to injured civilians, suspects, and PCSO SET team members and are trained and equipped to do so in austere or non-conventional environments reducing the impact of injuries and significantly improving long-term patient outcomes.

TEMS members are specially-trained and equipped to operate safely inside of law enforcement “Hot Zones” where non-specialized firefighters and paramedics are unable to. This ensures a much shorter response time and provides victims rapid access to life-saving interventions of traumatic injuries and hemorrhage control.