State Route 89/267 Transit Priority Lane

State Route 89 and 267 Transit Priority LanePlacer County is dedicated to reducing peak travel demands along State Routes 89 and 267. Regional studies point to the efficacy of a reversible high-occupancy transit lane along both state highways to help manage peak traffic. 

This dedicated transit lane would implement a combination of signs and markings along a corridor and allow transit vehicles to continue past congested portions of the two corridors and maintain more reliable and faster transit service. 

Given the directional nature of peak travel within the Resort Triangle, a center-running, reversible bus-only lane could improve traffic delays in the region and reduce the number of cars on each roadway. 

Working closely with our partners from Caltrans, California Highway Patrol, Resort Triangle stakeholders and local communities along each state route, Placer County continues to work towards implementation and construction on this project. 

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