Placer County reaffirms their commitment to fighting the fentanyl crisis through proclamation 

May 9, 2023

Today, on National Fentanyl Awareness Day, the Placer County Board of Supervisors approved a proclamation declaring the day and reaffirming the county’s commitment to fighting the fentanyl crisis. 

Specifically, the proclamation acknowledged the devastation the crisis has had on local communities, the collaborative efforts of the county through the 1 Pill can Kill Placer campaign and declared that Placer County is committed to continuing to fight the fentanyl epidemic at every level. 

“This crisis is one of the most critical and frightening issues affecting our communities today,” said District Attorney Morgan Gire. “While Placer County has made significant progress, there is still much to be done. Continued commitment from every official at every level is essential to address this dangerous epidemic affecting Placer County. This proclamation reaffirms this continued commitment.”  

“While law enforcement will continue to hold those who seek to sell this poison accountable, it is critical that Placer County residents continue to discuss the dangers and accessibility of fentanyl early,” said Placer County Sheriff Wayne Woo. “The Placer County Sheriff’s Office is fully committed to fighting this deadly epidemic through aggressive investigations and community education.” 

"Our county has been at the tip of the spear regarding the fentanyl crisis due to the dedication of every department, official and community members,” said Placer County Board of Supervisor Chairman Jim Holmes. “We stand united to continue these efforts and to fight for the health and safety of our youth in our county.” 

The 1 Pill can Kill Placer campaign is a perfect example of how the collective partnerships with local public health, bereaved and grieving families, county agencies, local schools, community leaders, and law enforcement can help fight this crisis. 

Through the Placer County District Attorney's Office Community Outreach Unit -- the 1 Pill Can Kill Placer campaign also took their message directly to the schools. Partnering with local school districts and families who have lost a loved one to fentanyl, Placer County took the lead on directly messaging to the people who needed to hear this message the most – Placer County youth. 

To date, this effort has reached 17 high schools and 10 middle schools, has conducted 54 assemblies and reached over 30,000 students. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office, committed to fighting the fentanyl epidemic, issued a public service announcement regarding the increase in fentanyl-related deaths in the county as being reported by their coroner which has reached over 66,000 people. 

As the county works to address the demand side of the fentanyl crisis, it is equally critical to address the supply side. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office, the Placer Special Investigations Unit, and The Tri-County Drug Enforcement Team have all been critical in removing fentanyl from our streets and the supply destined for our community. 

Through these robust investigative efforts, the Placer County District Attorney’s Office became one of the first in the nation to file murder charges against a fentanyl dealer whose sale of fentanyl caused the death of a Placer resident. Since February of 2022, the District Attorney’s office has filed murder charges in two additional cases. 

Learn more at 1 Pill can Kill Placer here and about the crisis at Read the full proclamation here.

Honoring Fentanyl Awareness Day