TBID for Non-Lodging Businesses

About TBID for Non-Lodging Businesses

Learn what TBID is and how it affects the North Lake Tahoe region.

Who is Responsible for Non-Lodging Business TBID? 

Learn which businesses are responsible for collecting, reporting, and remitting TBID. 

Find Your Non-Lodging TBID Business Tier Level

Your business' tier level determines how much TBID is to be collected and remitted. Find the tier level parameters here.

When and How to Pay Non-Lodging TBID

Learn when TBID worksheets and payments are due for each Tier level and access the different ways to report and remit.

Questions about TBID Eligibility

Learn what to do if you do not believe your North Lake Tahoe region business is subject to the TBID assessment. 

Find TBID Forms 

Find printable TBID worksheets and other TBID related documents here.