Access to public computers and Wi-Fi is available at all Placer County Library locations for all visitors. Users of library technology must agree to our Computer Acceptable Use Policy (PDF). 

Public Computers 

Green computer iconAll Placer County Library locations offer access to public computer workstations to anyone.  

Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be reserved with a library card or guest pass. Reservation or computer usage length varies depending on location: contact your preferred branch for more information.  All computers are equipped with 2016 Microsoft Office Suite and Windows 10.  The computers do not have the ability to play DVDs or CDs at this time.

ADA Accessible Workstation at Auburn Library

Auburn Library has an accessible internet workstation that is available for public use.  

Children’s AWE Computer Workstations 

Select Placer County Library locations have AWE computers: either the Early Literacy Station and/or the AfterSchool Edge workstation: 

  • Auburn Library: 2 ELS (1 2021 version and 1 2014 version) & 1 Afterschool Edge (2022) 
  • Foresthill Library: 1 2014 version ELS 
  • Granite Bay Library: 1 2014 version ELS 
  • Rocklin Library: 2 2021 version ELS 

Early Literacy Station™ (ELS)  

Offers children a safe, standalone computer—loaded with over 70 educational software programs for kids ages 2-8—that is age-appropriate, engaging, and academically relevant for children. It is designed to support school readiness and early education while making learning exciting and engaging. The early learning applications on the Early Literacy Stations span every curriculum area: reading, language arts, math, science, STEM, social studies, writing, graphic arts, typing, music, and more. The content is correlated to Common Core standards. The ELS has an imaginative interface that encourages exploration by readers and pre-readers alike. 

NOTE: Older versions of the ELS may not have as many, or the same, games and activities as more current versions. 

AfterSchool Edge 

Designed for school-age children ages 6-12, includes more than 70 educational software titles. The 4,000+ multicurricular and STREAM aligned learning activities make the AfterSchool Edge the ideal resource for enrichment, intervention, homework help, and skill reinforcement. The educational content in each curricular area is carefully chosen based on educational efficacy, age appropriateness, child engagement, and overall academic experience. Featuring fun and educational multi-curricular titles, the AfterSchool Edge™ is designed as both a research tool and to reinforce school curriculum.  

The addition of these new early learning tools expands Placer County Library's extensive educational programs, complements our print resources, and makes digital learning available to those who might not have access. Special thanks to the Friends of the Rocklin Library for their contribution to providing the Rocklin Library AWE computers.  


FGreen Wifi iconree public Wi-Fi is available at all library locations and can be accessed from outside the building 24/7.  

After you power up your device, open your network settings to view available wireless networks. Each of our library locations will have a public Wi-Fi network listed under its name, such as Auburn Library, Rocklin Library. Select the network you wish to connect with; no password is required. If you have difficulty connecting, please contact the library where you are trying to access Wi-Fi for assistance.  

Printing & Copying 

Green printerBlack-and-white printing and black-and-white copying are available at all locations. Color printing is available at the Foresthill Library only.

Wireless printing from your own device is available at the Tahoe City branch only.  

All printing and copying costs 15 cents per page. 

Scanning & Faxing 

SGreen fax machinecanners are available for public use at most library branches, free of charge.  

Public fax service is available at the Foresthill, Kings Beach, and Tahoe City Library locations. Local and toll-free faxes are free; you will need a pre-paid calling card to use the fax service for long-distance numbers. These locations can send faxes but are not able to receive them.