Support the Library


Join thousands of other book and library lovers by becoming a member of one of our location’s Friends of the Library groups. Your membership donation supports each Friends’ mission to support their local library, funding annual direct support to Placer County Library for programs and resources for all locations and Friends’ advocacy, volunteer and community book programs. You'll also have the opportunity to volunteer at your library and get involved in your community. So what are you waiting for? Become a Friend of the Library today!"


Your donations help us open doors to knowledge and opportunity. We believe that everyone deserves access to books, computers, and other resources that can help them learn and grow. That's why we offer free library cards to everyone in our community, regardless of their income or background. Your donations help us keep our doors open and our shelves stocked with books. They also help us fund programs and events that promote literacy, learning, and innovation. For example, we offer storytime for children, book club for adults, and access to technology for all ages. We are grateful for your support. Your donations make a real difference in the lives of our community members.

Monetary donations can be sent as a check to the Placer County Library and are tax deductible. Mail donations to Library Administration Office, 145 Fulweiler, Suite 150, Auburn, CA, 95603. Larger bequests can go to the Placer County Community Foundation’s Library Fund.

We always appreciate your new and gently used material donations! These items strengthen our libraries and help us raise needed dollars. Donations of books, DVDs, and CDs are also accepted by Friends of the Library groups at some of our branch locations. Contact your local branch to ask if the Friends are currently accepting donations and what their restrictions may be. 

Get involved

Get involved with Placer County's Library Advisory Board (LAB) and Literacy Support Council (LSC) today to support libraries and literacy in Placer County. 

  • The LAB advises and makes recommendations to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) and the Director of Library Services concerning policies and procedures for the operation of the Placer County Library System. The LAB also studies and reviews plans and programs for the long-term development of Placer County Library, and advocates in support of building strong communities and connecting people for a better future.
  • The LSC has been helping people in Placer County learn to read and write since 1991. They provide volunteers, books, and other materials to support local literacy programs.