Community Room Policy

Community Room Policy (PDF version)

General Information

Placer County Library has community rooms in the Auburn, Foresthill, Granite Bay, and Rocklin Libraries. Their purpose is to provide a place for community groups to meet. Commercial concerns may only use the room for in-service training of staff.  Private individuals may also use the room. However, both commercial concerns and private individuals are restricted from engaging in sales or fundraising activities. According to Sec. 12.12 of Placer County Administrative Rules: “No permitted use of a county facility shall cause a private individual or entity to make a profit from the activity authorized.”

The fact that a group is given permission to meet in a community room does not constitute endorsement of the policies or beliefs of the group by the Director of Library Services, Library Advisory Board, or the Placer County Board of Supervisors.   The Library reserves the right to request that groups not associated with the Library state clearly in press releases and other publicity that the meeting is not Library sponsored and that the presence of the group in the community room does not constitute endorsement by the Library.  Permission to use the community room is not transferable.

The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to individual or group property before, during, or after the use of the community room.

Only Library community rooms may be rented and used. The Library facility and Library grounds are not included as part of a community room rental and are not available for rent. The number of persons present at one time may not exceed the posted room capacity. Adults must supervise children’s groups using the community room at all times.

No smoking is allowed in any community room.  

Library staff does not provide any set-up of the community room. Each user is responsible for set-up and clean-up. Users may arrange the chairs and tables as they wish.  Pianos and display cases should not be moved and nothing should be placed on top of them.  Any damages to the community room or equipment in the community room by the user will be charged to the user.  Also, per Sec.12.15 of Placer County Administrative Rules, “No activity shall be permitted which would require the county to incur expenses for repairs, janitorial services or staff time to prepare the facility for use.  Failure to abide by this rule may result in denial of an organization’s future use of county facilities.”  Users may also be charged for janitorial or staff’s time to clean the facility if the room is not left in its original condition.

Due to the limited kitchen facilities, only simple refreshments may be served.  No alcoholic beverages, including beer, may be served or consumed when the library is open to the public.  No alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed when the library is closed to the public unless a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 is provided to the Library prior to the meeting with an endorsement identifying the County of Placer as an additional insured.  In addition to the above, selling alcohol requires a Special Daily License/Event Permit issued by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control:  

Wireless INTERNET access is available in some library community rooms. Users should test connectivity in advance. Organizations must provide their own computer, wireless access card, and other equipment.  Library staff is not available to configure or trouble-shoot users’ computer equipment.


How often a group may use a community room varies by library, as indicated below:

  • Auburn:          Once per month per group
  • Foresthill:       Twice per month per group
  • Granite Bay:  Twice per month per group
  • Rocklin:          Once per month per group  

The rooms are available for use from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. seven days a week. If your group meets when the library is closed, you must make arrangements to pick up a key during library open hours. The key is to be deposited in the book drop after you lock up. No keys are assigned for long-term use.  


Applications for Use

Reservations are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, it is recommended that you make arrangements well in advance. Starting October 1, reservations can be made for the following calendar year.  Applications, including all required insurance documents or permissions, will be approved or denied by library staff within 48 hours.  Reservations may be made during library open hours.


The fee for use of a community room is $15.00 per hour. Set-up and clean-up time must be included in paid, reserved time. Use fees should be received at least 7 days prior to use of the community room. The library must be notified at least 72 hours prior to a scheduled user's cancellation in order to receive a refund.  No partial refunds for unused time will be made.  If any library personnel are required to deliver keys, secure the library and/or community room, or return to the library for any other problem caused by the user group, the group will be charged an additional $25.00 callback fee. This charge must be paid before any future use of the community room is allowed.  If the community room must be re-keyed due to a lost key, the user will be billed the full amount.

The following organizations are exempt from the community room use fee: Friends of the Library, Placer County Departments, Placer County Schools, other governmental agencies, Placer County Genealogical Society, and Placer County Historical Society.


Where risk is deemed sufficient the Library reserves the right to require a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 with an endorsement identifying the County of Placer as an additional insured to be provided to the Library prior to the meeting or activity. 


Approved by BOS September 11, 2012 
Reviewed and Approved by LAB November 14, 2018