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On June 22, the Placer County District Attorney’s Office sent a letter to the Chair of the California Assembly Public Safety Committee to request that he submit an audit request to the Joint Committee on Legislative Audit (often referred to as the Joint Legislative Audit Committee or ‘JLAC’) and the State Auditor. 

“My office has done everything from drafting legislation to filing lawsuits and writing letters, to educating our communities and working with local media partners to try and hold CDCR accountable in releasing inmates early.  It is critical to public safety and, frankly, to the public trust, that CDCR be transparent in how it determines inmates that are suitable for early release,” said Placer County District Attorney Morgan Gire. “Not only do we believe the voters were not aware of the unilateral power they gave to CDCR through Prop 57 to award credits, but to do so behind a veil of secrecy creates distrust and skepticism.  Our community, particularly victims and survivors of crime and their families, deserve better.” 

Join us by adding your name to the letter asking the state to audit CDCR!


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    I am calling on the state of California to audit CDCR. Lack of transparency and accountability is breeding distrust and uncertainty in our communities. Residents deserve answers! 

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