Expedited Service

If you are without money for food, you may qualify for Expedited Service of CalFresh benefits. Expedited Service will provide eligible households CalFresh benefits by the third calendar day following their application date. A weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is considered one calendar day. You can qualify for Expedited Service if you complete an interview, we can verify your identity, and

  • Your household’s monthly gross income (income before deductions) is less than $150 and your cash on hand or in checking or savings accounts is $100 or less; or
  • Your household’s total monthly income and resources are less than the monthly rent or mortgage, and utilities; or
  • You are a migrant or seasonal farm worker and you do not have assets (resources) over $100.00, and 
    • You’ve already received all your income for the month prior to applying for benefits
    • You won’t receive any more income from that job
    • You don’t expect to get more than $25 for at least the next 10 days

What if I disagree with the County’s decision about Expedited CalFresh?

If the County decides that you do not meet the Expedited Service criteria and you disagree, you can ask for a face-to-face meeting with an Eligibility Supervisor to talk about whether your household meets Expedited Service criteria. We will schedule the meeting within two working days unless you need a later appointment, or we cannot contact you to schedule the meeting. If we can’t reach you, we will keep processing your application.