Projects - West Placer


  1. Dalby Road over Yankee Slough
  2. Haines Road over Wise Canal
  3. Watt Avenue at Dry Creek
  4. Yankee Jims Bridge Replacement

Dalby Road over Yankee Slough

Dalby Rd at Yankee Slough Bridge

The current structure is deficient and was recommended for closure by Caltrans. Placer County has installed temporary supports in order to keep the bridge open and the County is regularly monitoring the bridge. The proposed bridge replacement project will bring this bridge into compliance with current structural and roadway geometric guidelines.


  1. Bell Road at I-80 Interchange
  2. Placer Parkway

Bell Road at I-80 Interchange

Currently, traffic at the intbell rderchange is controlled by stop signs, slowing the flow of traffic at two increasingly busy intersections. The project would include the nearby Bell Road and Bowman Road intersection in the roundabout design and remove the existing traffic signal there.

This project will reduce congestion and improve safety by creating two multilane roundabouts at the I-80 and Bell Road interchange.

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