North Lake Tahoe Parking Management Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Parking Permit Areas

The possibility of discounted rates for residents is being considered as part of the program development. The community's input is being sought on all program elements, including this aspect. 

Town Center - Commercial Area Paid Parking

The current proposal specifically targets the implementation of a summer parking management program, which does not extend to the winter months. Its primary emphasis is on the town center areas, aiming to address parking issues during peak visitation periods. Regular sidewalk maintenance and snow removal are conducted as part of the Kings Beach Benefit Assessment District and through an ordinance in Tahoe City that ensures the maintenance of sidewalks. Furthermore, the County, in collaboration with TRPA (Tahoe Regional Planning Agency), remains steadfast in its commitment to continually enhance mobility both within and beyond the town centers. This includes exploring opportunities for expanded maintenance initiatives, subject to the availability of funding.

Beaches & Recreational Site Paid Parking

We are soliciting community input on all program elements at this time. Starting enforcement earlier in the summer and on weekends is a suggestion that will be considered further. However, no final decisions have been made regarding this matter.

Operations & Administration

The provisions of the California Vehicle Code govern, and we must be consistent with the provisions of state law.

Kings Beach - Specific

This is a question that needs further review and analysis on a case-by-case basis as part of program development.

Tahoe City – Specific

We don’t have these details worked out yet; it is part of program development, and we are soliciting community input on all program elements at this time. There will be substantial follow-up and conversations with Tahoe City community members and business owners, and ultimately decisions made by the Board of Supervisors, to be able to answer this question.

General questions

The Placer County Board of Supervisors (“Board”) has directed staff to develop a parking management program as part of the Resort Triangle Transportation Plan (RTTP) that the Board adopted in October 2020. The Board has the authority to ultimately decide on staff proposed ordinance changes, to make policy decisions through the public hearing process, and to vote on actions related to program development and implementation. By participating in the public outreach process, sharing feedback, and voicing your concerns to the Board, you can actively contribute to shaping the program's direction and outcome.