Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Policy (PDF version)

The Placer County Library Advisory Board recognizes that the Library was created to serve all of the people within the Library service area, regardless of race, age, creed, or political persuasions. The Board further recognizes that within Placer County there are individuals and groups with widely disparate and diverse interests, cultural backgrounds, and needs. The Board, therefore, declares as a matter of policy that:

The Collection Development Policy is based on and reflects the Library’s Mission, and the Strategies and Initiatives stated in the current Placer County Library Strategic Plan library materials in all formats, including print, audiovisual, electronic and digital, shall be selected and retained in the Library on the basis of their value for the interest, information, and enlightenment of all the people of the County in conformance with the Library’s mission: “Located in the Foothills of Northern California, Placer County Library provides free and open access to services, programs, and materials that enrich, inform, empower, and entertain. We are committed to being a valuable source of information and lifelong learning to the residents of our communities.”

Some of the factors which will be considered in adding to or removing materials from the library collection shall include: present collection composition, collection development objectives, interest, demand, timeliness, audience, significance of subject, diversity of viewpoint, effective expression, and limitation of budget and facilities. Local history materials are inherently important and every effort will be made to maintain them regardless of use. As the Library Strategic Plan states the Library will “continually update Library collections to promote reading, free choice learning, entertainment and individual development.”

No library materials shall be excluded because of the race, nationality, political, religious, or social views of the author. Not all materials will be suitable for all members of the community.

The Library shall be responsive to public suggestion of titles and subjects to be included in the library collection. Gifts of materials may be accepted with the understanding that the same standards of selection are applied to gifts as to materials acquired by purchase, and that any gifts may be discarded at the Library’s discretion.

The library collection shall be organized and maintained to facilitate access. As stated in the Strategic Plan, library staff shall “treat the Library’s collection as a single county-wide resource, and explore innovative ways to deliver and present materials in response to community needs and interests.” There shall be no prejudicial labeling, sequestering, or alteration of materials.

Selection is vested in the Director of Library Services, and under his or her direction, in members of the staff who are qualified by reason of education and training. The Board believes that reading, listening to, and viewing library materials are individual, private matters. While one is free to select or to reject materials for oneself, one cannot restrict the freedom of others to read, view, or inquire. Parents have the primary responsibility to guide and direct the reading and viewing of their own minor children. The Library does not stand “in loco parentis”.*

The Library Advisory Board recognizes the right of individuals to question materials in the Library collection. A library customer questioning material in the collection is encouraged to talk with designated members of the staff concerning such material. To formally state his/her opinion and receive a written response, a customer may submit the form provided for that purpose. Material that has been questioned will remain in the active collection until the Library has made a determination of its status. If the customer is not satisfied with the Library staff response to their concern, they may request the Library Advisory Board to address it. The Library Advisory Board’s ruling stands, unless the Board of Supervisors rules on the issue. The Board of Supervisors is the final arbiter.

The Library Advisory Board has adopted and adheres to:

  1. Libraries: An American Value
  2. The Library Bill of Rights
  3. The Freedom to Read and The Freedom to View Statements
  4. The American Library Association Resolution on Filtering

This policy shall relate only to materials physically retained by the Library, including print, audiovisual, digital and electronic formats. Other information and materials available on the internet are not part of the Library Collection.

*In place of a parent


Adopted by the Library Advisory Board on 7/21/04
Revised and adopted by the Library Advisory Board on 6/14/2017