Discard Policy

Discard Policy (PDF version)

The Placer County Library has a continuing responsibility to maintain a well-balanced collection containing current factual data and items of popular interest, as well as material of historical value.

Weeding is a complementary function of materials selection and an integral part of collection maintenance and development. The purpose of weeding is to maintain an up-to-date and relevant collection, subsequently increasing the value of the collection by removing out of date and seldom used materials or items in poor condition. Systematic and regular evaluation and weeding of materials serves to keep the collection attractive, well-balanced, relevant and useful. By maintaining the collection in this way, the Library is presented as a vital, vibrant, and up-to-date community resource as well as a credible source of information.

To weed a collection means to examine titles carefully and remove items which are outdated or superseded, very seldom circulated, or in need of repair. Weeding frees library shelves of outmoded and uncirculated titles so that newer and more popular materials may take their place. Classics and authoritative works in each field shall be examined closely and replaced if needed and possible.

When the discarding process has been completed for weeded titles, the materials will be given to the Friends of the Library for their book sales, recycled, or offered to another organization.


Reviewed by the Library Advisory Board on July 11, 1989
Reviewed and revised by the Library Advisory Board on January 18, 2012
Reviewed and affirmed by the Library Advisory Board on March 21, 2018