Bulletin Board & Display Policies

Bulletin Board Policy

Bulletin Board Policy (PDF version)

Notices to be displayed on the Placer County Library bulletin board will be limited to:

  1. Library programs or library-sponsored programs.
  2. Placer County notices.
  3. California State notices.
  4. College or Adult Education courses as space allows.
  5. Local club notices, non-political, non-sectarian, as space allows.
  6. Current bestseller list.
  7. Placer County new book list.


Reviewed and adopted by Library Advisory Board on September 17, 2014.

Display and Exhibit Policy

Display and Exhibit Policy (PDF version)

The Library Advisory Board and the staff of the Placer County Library are dedicated to providing attractive, educational, and cultural exhibits. Public interest in using the exhibit space at the library is welcomed, providing the Exhibitor understands and agrees to the following conditions:

The use, by individuals or organizations, of the Library’s facilities for displays and/or exhibits, distribution of brochures, booklets, and leaflets other than those which pertain to the Library is not a right but a privilege which is subject to review by the Director of Library Services.

Exhibits and displays are subject to limitations of space and facilities. Individual artists will be responsible for hanging and dismantling their own exhibits.

The Library and the Friends of the Library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, protection, possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items are placed in the Library at the owner’s risk.

The undersigned has read, understands, and agrees to each of the foregoing conditions.

[PDF version has place for patron to sign, date, and enter contact information and exhibit period].


Approved by the Library Advisory Board on April 4, 1972
Reviewed by the Library Advisory Board on January 8, 1980
Reviewed by the Library Advisory Board on November 25, 1985
Approved by the Library Advisory Board on January 20, 1993
Reviewed and adopted by the Library Advisory Board on January 18, 2012